Frequently Asked Questions About Cannabis


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 Given the misinformation about the use of cannabis and CBD products, it's understandable for you to have questions about the products and how they can affect your life. Thankfully, you have an award-winning staff at your disposal when you need to answer these pressing questions. SkunkMasters employees have dedicated themselves to the industry and continually learning about its impact. We are a reliable resource for the community because we understand the dangers posed by these products. We also are very keen on giving back to the community through various donations and philanthropic endeavors. Visit our dispensary to get answers to all your questions. We also suggest reaching out to a doctor before adding these types of products to your recreational or medicinal regimen to ensure your safety. 

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Below are some of the more frequently asked questions from our community members. We do our best to stay knowledgeable about the industry, so if you have a question not listed below or you wish to speak further, visit SkunkMasters. You will be greeted by a friendly face to get the answers you need. Each employee is trained to understand the effects of our products. 

Is cannabis legal in California? 

Yes! Not only is medicinal cannabis legal in California, but you can now use it recreationally as well. There are rules to where and when you can legally partake in it, but you can now purchase it at state-licensed establishments such as SkunkMasters. While it is still classified as a Schedule 1 drug by the federal Controlled Substances Act, you can buy and partake outside of medical reasoning. You must be 21 years of age and have your photo I.D. to purchase from our dispensary. 

How much cannabis can I legally possess in Ventura County, CA? 

Upon legalizing cannabis, the state of California regulated how much you can own at any given time. A person may only obtain 28.5 grams of cannabis plant material at one time, which is about an ounce. You can also carry 8 grams of its concentrated form. These versions include gummies and other snacks or oils and tinctures.  

Is cannabis still illegal under federal law?

 It is. You will not be able to possess your products on federal lands. These lands include national parks, even if they are in the state of California. Additionally, places such as Alcatraz Island are not permitted to have cannabis on their grounds. You also cannot take your recreational or medicinal cannabis across state lines. It will need to remain within the California boundary. 

Can I leave California with cannabis? 

If you purchase recreational or medicinal cannabis, it must be consumed within the state’s boundaries. LAX has created a rule, though, stipulating that you can have it while in the airport. However, it must be disposed before reaching TSA because these are federal officers who can take it away from you. Even if you are traveling to another state or country that has legalized recreational or medicinal cannabis, you must dispose of it before boarding your plane. 

Where can I use cannabis? Can I consume cannabis in public?

You can consume your legally-purchased recreational and medicinal cannabis on private property only. It is important to note, you may not smoke in your personal vehicle because you can receive a DUI. If you are renting your property, it is legal for your landlord to ban the use of it since the apartment, home, or townhouse is still their property. You cannot have an open package of cannabis in public as well. 

What about medicinal cannabis use? 

Medical cannabis falls under most of the same rules as recreational. With a medicinal cannabis prescription, you may be able to possess a higher quantity of the plant. Many dispensaries have decided not to sell to those under the age of 21, even if they carry a medical card. 

What effects will I feel using cannabis products?

Everyone will have a unique experience while using cannabis, which is why it is so important to reach out to professionals when you are attempting to purchase the plant in any form. You should have full knowledge of the products and seek medical counsel before beginning your journey with recreational or medicinal cannabis. 

What are the different consumption methods for cannabis? 

Since the trend of making cannabis and CBD products legal began, there has been a wave of innovation when planning to consume them. At SkunkMasters, for example, you can find many different strains of cannabis either in plants or concentrated forms, each delivering something unique to give you a positive experience. 

Can I consume cannabis while driving a vehicle? 

No. Cannabis, even if medically prescribed, cannot be consumed while driving. It is meant to be consumed in your home or on another private property. Being caught with the substance or under its influence can result in a DUI (Driving Under the Influence). 

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