Meet the Team at SkunkMasters in Port Hueneme, CA

SkunkMasters is Knowledgeable About Cannabis

SkunkMasters is a local, family-owned and -operated cannabis dispensary in Ventura County, CA. In January of 2018, it became the first dispensary to open in Port Hueneme, CA. Since then, we have been helping residents find the perfect strain to help reduce their issues and offer some relief when other medical options weren't viable.

Our team is passionate about demystifying the problematic issues surrounding the use of cannabis. We recognize the benefits your body and mind can receive from its use. If you ever have questions about CBD or legal cannabis products, equipment, or more, please reach out to our knowledgeable and qualified staff. We help you get the answers you need to experience the benefits of these products. We are open from 9:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. daily to offer our services to those in the community.  

Philanthropic Causes Supported by the SkunkMasters Crew

Our staff members have dedicated themselves to the community through philanthropic events and donations. Since our opening, we have donated over $75,000 to charities and organizations in the area. One of those organizations is called Reel Guppy Outdoors, which teaches families how to fish for free. We also work with charitable races, which help fund research for cancer and other illnesses affecting the local and global community.  

Local Homeless Shelter: With our donation of $21,682, the shelter was able to purchase 100 beds and pillows. They were also able to build bike racks and supply lunches for those in need. Additionally, we were able to help them get pet food to keep their furry friends fed and healthy.

Port Hueneme Historical Society: This society helps protect the history of our community. Through our donation, they were able to upgrade the frames used to house and display relevant documents.  

Channel Islands Harbor Lessees Association: This association bolsters the prosperity of the business community. We contributed to the Fourth of July celebration by donating $13,000 for its fireworks display. 

Local Law Enforcement: High school students should be able to focus on their schoolwork to help build a better life for themselves. With our donation to local law enforcement centers, we were able to create a mentorship program to get these students off the streets and into their books. This program offers them a healthy alternative to joining gangs. 

Soroptimist International of Ventura: This global volunteer organization organized the “STOP Human Trafficking and Sexual Slavery” campaign, to which we donated $6,500. We also participated in their awareness walk and discussion panel to help raise even more awareness.  

Port Hueneme Police Explorers Program: Residents aged 14-20 who are interested in joining the criminal justice field can take part in this career orientation hosted by the Port Hueneme Police Department. They also strive to help families during the holidays and work to end drunk and drugged driving.  

Dedicated to Education About Cannabis and More

 Not only are we dedicated to helping others in the community through donations for programs and supplies, but we are also very passionate about education. We try to teach Ventura County residents and whoever else visits our shop about the safe, legal, responsible use of cannabis and CBD products. Many negative stereotypes surround their use, but there are many benefits as well. Some turn to cannabis to deal with pain when the only other options are potentially-addictive opiates. Thanks to innovations in the field, there are now better ways to achieve these benefits rather than smoking. We provide our customers with tinctures, oils, lotions, and capsules. We also provide your pets with a line of products to use. SkunkMasters is happy to educate customers about cannabis’ properties and valuable uses. This industry is continuously evolving, but you can count on our dedicated and knowledgeable team to get you the answers you need when considering adding cannabis or CBD products to your life. Your first call should always be to a medical professional to discuss your goals or aspirations for using the products to ensure it is safe, but then visit our dispensary for all the supplies you need.  

Awards and Accolades for SkunkMasters

 WeedCon is the annual awards ceremony recognizing the best cannabis flower, edibles, concentrates, topicals, dispensaries, and packaging. In 2018, SkunkMasters took home the Best Dispensary award shortly after opening our doors. We take great pride in this award because it represents what we try to do every day. Our staff wants to be the best resource possible for our community. 

Visit SkunkMasters While in Ventura County

 Our community means the most to us. Residents should have a place they feel comfortable visiting when purchasing cannabis and CBD products. We take care of our customers, so they can take care of themselves. If you have questions or simply wish to check out the products offered, please visit our award-winning dispensary in Port Hueneme, CA today!